Saturday, April 16, 2011

tEoRi loW roPeS..!!


Kali ni ak nk kongsi pasal aktiviti low ropes pulak. Seperti biasa, sebelum dilakukan secara amali, En.Hisyam akan adakan kels teori dulu. Baru la senang nk pham pasal aktiviti ni nant. Kelas teori kali ni kt physio lab, kul 8.30.Macm biasa la kena dtg awal.Ni lah antara yang En.Hisyam jelaskn kt kitorang....

Traversing or negotiating elements in a low ropes course that do not require a belay system for safety.

-A ropes course is a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork skills, and individual commitment.
-Made up of rope, cables and wood, courses are constructed outdoors in trees and indoors gymnasiums.
-Participants are usually no more than one metre off the ground and therefore do not need to wear specialized safety equipment to ensure protection but rely on 'spotters' as their primary safety system.

Low ropes course Element:

-Swinging Tyres

-Balance Beam

-Criss Cross

-Multi Vine

-Burma Bridge

-Foot Loop
-Jacob's ladder
-Monkey Cross
-High Postman Walk
-Forward Tension Traverse
-Backward Tension Traverse
-Chicken Walk
-Leopard crawl
-Spider's web

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